Installation / Warranty


All of our deflectors install simply, quickly and securely without drilling or modification of the vehicle.

Average installation time is 15 minutes using only common hand tools.

Please refer to the “Click HERE for a PDF of the installation instructions.” for a detailed copy of the installation sheet for each individual product.

Warranty Policy / Return Policy 

Warranty Policy Covers 1 Year From Purchase

Product must be returned to the original place of purchase and a copy of the sales receipt is required and/or a copy of the invoice documenting original purchase.

Warranty covers defects in workmanship or material only. Covered problems include (but not limited to) the product does not fit when new, breaks due to routine operation of your vehicle (slamming the hood, car washes, etc) or causes problem wind noise.

Warranty does not cover problems arising out of incorrect installation (incorrectly placed bumpons, etc), problems due to poor product maintenance (loss of screws or clips, looseness, etc) or parts modified or painted.

Warranty does not cover damage arising due to misuse of the product or road hazards. Damage caused by rocks, accidents, birds, road debris, snowbrushes, aggressive car washes, careless service attendants, etc is not covered.

Warranty does not cover damages during shipping of the product.

Warranty covers our product only. Warranty does not cover costs to remove or install, freight, or other damages.

This Warranty applies to the original purchaser and vehicle only.